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Originally a staff mastering engineer at Masterdisk NYC the once premier studio facility for music mastering World-wide, Tim Boyce has worked with the best. Now mastering music in the East Village NYC, Tim makes music pop out of the speakers counting Platinum records, Chart topping singles, Grammy Nominations, AAPRA awards, and YouTube hits in the millions of views among his recent accomplishments. His goal at The Sound Design is music mastering that feels truly alive in an overly saturated marketplace.

With a dedicated Studio Facility located on E.14th St. in the hip East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, Tim's music mastering makes your song jump out of the speakers to grab your fans attention assuring a memorable first impression, as well as proper playback on important additional revenue streams like iTunes, YouTube, Broadcast licensing, etc...

But it’s not enough for Tim to just grab a listener’s attention; he feels that music speaks a message that transcends language. Music is communication, He is an expert at interpreting a client’s abstract ideas and language into concrete audible results. His dedication, focus, and ability to articulate these complex musical emotions and ideas makes Tim the ideal choice for making sure your music translates across boundaries reaching its full audience. Highly adept in both ultra-modern and traditional music mastering styles, Tim Boyce is the best choice to master music with an important message.

Take a Listen To Our Credits then ask yourself, 'Are We a match'? ... not sure? Reach out! We're happy to explain, share, be real people, and connect with you to make sure you feel that your music master is in the right hands.


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