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Success is measured by what you Give

At the Sound Design we pursue collaborative work that transmits a message in an interactive space. Work that directly affecting the moods of others through creating a unique music environment. We welcome artistic collaborations that takes risks and challenges the way that we see the world, ultimately helping us to redefine our place in it.

We feel Music is uniquely suited to crossing real or imagined borders, it is a communication tool that transcends the limits of language and has the ability to penetrate directly to our emotions. Our desire is to change the way people perceive their world by altering the way people engage their surroundings through artistically creating a music environment for them to explore.

Audio Mastering, Visual Art, and Sound Design are all different facets of this same philosophy of communication. Tim Boyces unique creative background, focus, skill-set, and ability to articulate complex musical ideas makes The Sound Design the ideal choice to realize your arts potential for lasting impact.

Tim is one of the calmest, most willing, and flexible people I have ever encountered… His musical choices helped clarify an incredibly complex work. He also was able to solve seemingly insurmountable problems…with incredible grace and maturity.

Michelle Tattenbaum on Sound Design

When you put all of your heart and soul into a recording, it still needs to be taken to the next level as it will need to be mastered to maximize audio quality. Tim is without peer when it comes to this task. When you work with Tim, you not only work in a state of the art facility, you get his expertise as well. He has a full understanding of sound, how it is created, and how to bring out the finest in quality. Our latest recording has garnered favorable reviews from the press as well as industry interest. I’d like to think that Tim was a big part in making that happen.

Marc from Fools on Sunday on Mastering Engineer

Tim is professional, hard-working, dedicated and an incredibly creative thinker and problem solver. Anything you need done, he can make it happen- and he will probably do it differently and better than anyone else. Tim thinks quickly on his feet and thrives in the face of obstacles. His positive energy is contagious. His wealth of technical knowledge and skill is top notch in music mastering, recording, engineering and theatrical sound design. In working with him on several creative, collaborative projects, I gave him free reign knowing he would create something better than I ever could have dreamed or imagined, and he did. Tim is a true artist, and generally all around swell guy. I couldn't recommend him enough.”

Rachel Wohlander on Sound Design and Mastering

Tim has always been professional and open for communication so I've always gotten the work I paid for plus some".

Minister G on Mastering

After having our album mixed here in New Zealand then mastered by Tim Boyce mastering engineer from Masterdisk, the quality and difference was amazing! I loved his work and ability to make our music sound crisp and clear to my liking. A very easy guy to work with and very friendly and sensitive to the artists requests! Would definitely use Tim again!

Matt Brown from Restoration in New Zealand on Mastering

Tim Boyce is that unusual mix of responsible, knowledgeable, pleasant and artistic in the sound world. He is equally at home mixing FOH, rigging safely in awkward situations, or providing outstanding sound design content. His work for me was crucial to the success of our productions, and he also trained his own replacement very well. I also designed a show for a theater company he had worked for, and they told me how delighted they were that he not only won an award for his design, but also revamped their house sound system, *even the wiring*. That's the extra mile Tim gives up easily, and the dedication to good sound he brings to the party.”

Joe Huppert on Sound Design

Tim Boyce is a gem for making mastering for artists of any level. Knowing what a profound impact a few hours of mastering can have on the overall sonic result, Tim is sensitive to the artist's vision and coveys a genuine, ego-less desire to help the artist achieve it. Thanks Tim !!

Nathanaël from Markousov on Reunion Island about Mastering

Tim's work was really amazing, brought the best of our the exact soulful sound that we were after. We recently have just written a song for the Earthquake Awareness here in Christchurch NZ and the feed back we've had from the city and also outside have just been phenomonal! Cheers Tim for helping us to improve our sound you have a fantastic ear!

Paul Brown from Restoration in New Zealand on Mastering