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Trust What You Hear

After years of engineering at the longest running mastering studio in the world Masterdisk NYC, we have moved to the East Village after the closure of this historic mastering studio. Located at 602 E.14th in Manhattan, The Sound Design is a precision mastering chain in hardware (No plug-ins here). We utilize an 80-bit accumulator for hardware based digital processing and summing, highly-calibrated analog hardware (both vintage and modern), and a dedicated acoustic design for a finely tuned listening environment. Artists are welcome to attend with client services offered. When you work with Tim at The Sound Design, you get personal dedication for your project from start to finish in a newly renovated mastering studio space in NYC.


Studio Tim Boyce

Mastering Flow

Where ever The Sound Design goes in the world, we keep close contact with our clients, and maintain relationships with premier mastering studios to assure quality and consistency in our mastering work. Our European mastering studio rental location is below : Please contact The Sound Design directly prior to inquire if you wish to attend in Europe.

The Sound Design Berlin Rental Studio

Tim Boyce in Berlin Music Mastering

Masterlab Masteringstudios

Kreuzbergstra├če 7

10965 Berlin