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Words have Power

We'll help you harness language to reach your readers

The Sound Design is more than just high-end audio production company. We are also heavily involved in new product development, beta testing, and journalistic/reference technical writing. Having collaborated with HME Communications, Metric Halo, Adobe, The Deli Magazine, and Addicted To Music/Bettermaker we are well poised to provide a fresh eye and assist you in communicating clearly with your customers.

Whether reviewing in consumer publications, or writing deep technical manuals (that are still enjoyable) for your end-user, we understand the requirements for readers to fully comprehend the intricacies of complex new equipment. Our technical writing style is informative, concise, light-hearted, and practical.

As your editors/proof readers we can help unify diverse documents, and help you organize and display your information for best effect and understanding.

Please review the example below. A full product manual written for the Bettermaker EQ (a complex analog EQ pioneering full digital recall) with Bob Katz, as well as our technical website for the Metric Halo +DSP systems.